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02 Dec 2007
Techita's free tutorials blog page has now been revamped to fit with the rest of our site. Our rebranding is now complete, take a look around, we would love to know what you think!
Techita is an innovative consultancy company that specialises in offering client specific technical solutions to business issues.

The skills and experience of our consultants cover a range of business areas - our recent projects have been focussed in web based development and design with specific focus on small to medium size enterprises (SME's), these have ranged from simple brochures sites and online stores to content management and back office systems to hardware support, installation and troubleshooting. Our about us section gives a more complete description of the services we can offer.

Our aim is to provide all our clients, both current and future with exactly the solution they require at a price they can afford; our aim is ultimately to work with a mix of small companies and aid/non-government organisations (NGO's).

Our objective is to provide our services to deserving NGO projects at discounted rates in order to contribute to the good work they are already performing. If you represent an NGO with an issue you believe could be helped with technical knowledge please contact us - if it is a small project we may even waive our fee completely.

In addition to being a professional and friendly consultancy organisation, we are also an invaluable source of information for many people. Our tutorial section is updated by our consultants to record solutions to challenges they encounter on projects; this information ranges from small tips to complete how to tutorials and is free - at Techita we believe that if we are open with you and you trust us from the beginning then our interactions will be more open and friendly for the duration of our relationship.